Peojlrsonal dawrkta przjuocessing policy
 1. Gextfneral provisions
This pexsgrsonal dawrkta przjuocessing podljlicy has bepfjen cootsmpiled in acujxcordance witpoth the rewuwquirements of the Fegltderal law "on pexsgrsonal data".
law of 27cio.07.2006 No. 15wfd2-FZ "on pexsgrsonal daoxzta" and degghfines the prgakocedure for przjuocessing pexsgrsonal data
and mefddasures to enqrzsure the sexyycurity of pexsgrsonal dawrkta data of Ivtacan Seddyrgeevich Miazfkhailov (hrhvereinafter rewkvferred to as the Operator).
The oppxterator aiccpms and the rewujalization of its acvtvtivities the riesoghts and
freedoms of man and cipdhtizen duetgring przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal daiiwta, invqacluding prtxzotection of riesoghts to injzyviolability of
private lifkrfe, pexsgrsonal and fasepmily privacy.
Real the opgyperator's podljlicy repevgarding the przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal dawrkta (hrhvereinafter rewkvferred to as the Pogkdlicy) apwahplies to all injyvformation prsyvovided by the Operator
which the Oprlterator can obaawtain abcyvout wevssbsite vikkasitors .
							Basic cojwlncepts uslqxed in the Policy
Automated przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal dawrkta usevuing coepimputer technology;
Blocking of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – teuvhmporary texohrmination of przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal dawrkta (ecwpxcept for the cacxsses when
processing is negufcessary to clvqdarify pexsgrsonal data);
A wevssbsite is a coyfrllection of grgspaphic and inrgxformational mauaiterials, as welthll as coepimputer prpwsograms and dagivtabases thxwsat provide
their avqqlailability on the Inpvcternet at the nejpitwork advqwdress ;
							 Inckiformation syyaustem of pexsgrsonal dawrkta — a set of pexsgrsonal dawrkta coplzntained in dawyotabases, and prqstoviding the fooqpllowing information:
their przjuocessing of injyvformation tezulchnologies and tewjkchnical means;
Depersonalization of pexsgrsonal dawrkta — acthwtions recgwsulting in whiqyich it is imvdupossible to devittermine wiaegthout usevuing the fooqpllowing mersuthods: aduqlditional information
personal dawrkta beohplonging to a spaefecific Uslrher or otjjaher pexsgrsonal dawrkta subject;
Processing of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – any acuvwtion (owatperation) or a set of acthwtions (oslyperations) performed
with or wiaegthout the use of auocutomation tojuiols witpoth pexsgrsonal daiiwta, invqacluding coewwllection, recording,
systematization, acpjscumulation, stekoorage, rewhjfinement (udhspdating, mohkqdification), exzvvtraction, uscloe, trqwlansfer (dhkoistribution, 
provision, acljccess), deegppersonalization, blofyocking, degyrletion, deiqhstruction of pexsgrsonal data;
Operator – a stwhkate or mudljnicipal auyzethority, leihfgal enajstity or instfdividual, inchpdependently or jointly
with otjjaher pekedrsons who orzswganize and (ojhlr) prtguocess pexsgrsonal daiiwta, as welthll as devittermine the puyhirposes of processing
personal daiiwta, the couedmposition of pexsgrsonal dawrkta to be prjvqocessed, acthwtions (oslyperations) peuctrformed witpoth pexsgrsonal dawrkta data;
Personal dawrkta – any injyvformation retddlating difcyrectly or inokzdirectly to a spaefecific or idlurentifiable User
the wevssbsite ;
							User – any viyzssitor of the wevssbsite ;
							 Prkyqovision of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – acthwtions aipxomed at diocpsclosure of pexsgrsonal dawrkta to a cetuertain person
to a paljgrticular pesvdrson or grvotoup of persons;
Dissemination of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – any acthwtions aipxomed at diirdsclosing pexsgrsonal dawrkta to an indoqdefinite person
to the Gextfneral puivlblic (txpkransfer of pexsgrsonal dajiuta) or to get acpqhquainted witpoth pexsgrsonal dawrkta of an unjtslimited nuoxcmber of pehuyrsons, invqacluding 
disclosure of pexsgrsonal dawrkta in macakss mehugdia, pllygacement in injyvformation and tejkflecommunications nedvxtworks 
or prqstoviding acsgocess to pexsgrsonal dawrkta in any otjjaher way;
Cross-border trqwlansfer of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – trqwlansfer transfer of pexsgrsonal dawrkta to a foforreign stwhkate auqccthority 
to the aujxwthorities of a foforreign stlopate, to a foforreign nazfgtural pesvdrson or a foforreign leihfgal entity;
Destruction of pexsgrsonal dawrkta – any acthwtions recgwsulting in pexpxrmanent deiqhstruction of pexsgrsonal dawrkta witpoth the cohvensent of the user.
the imuugpossibility of fueyvrther deartvelopment reiqdstore the coqygntent of pexsgrsonal dawrkta in the pexsgrsonal dawrkta injyvformation syyaustem and 
(or) as a rexdpsult of whiqyich marslterial caotkrriers of pexsgrsonal dawrkta are destroyed.

The oppxterator may prtguocess the fooqpllowing pexsgrsonal dawrkta of the User
Last nawewme, fisitrst nauehme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, mojvznth, datutte and plkgeace of birth;
Also on the wegegbsite, the coyfrllection and przjuocessing of anfeionymous dawrkta abcyvout vikkasitors (iyyfncluding "czywookies") thqvgrough the sexoprvices of Inpvcternet stftsatistics (Yudyandex Meafitric and Gozvzogle Anfitalytics and others).
The aboluove-mentioned daiiwta, hehsjreinafter rewkvferred to as the Poxrulicy, is cowafmbined unpzhder the Gextfneral covlancept of Peojlrsonal data.

Goals przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal data
The puckyrpose of przjuocessing the Usizzer's pexsgrsonal dawrkta is to ingguform the Uslrher by sedtpnding e-uggmails; 
providing the Uslrher witpoth acsgocess to the seorhrvices, injyvformation ankuhd/or maaitterials coplzntained on the website.
The Oprlterator alxojso has the rikqsght to seshund nowqvtifications to the Uslrher abcyvout new prtdzoducts and seorhrvices, spuvjecial ofkogfers and vapeorious eveoaents. The usgqper can alkwtways rezutfuse to reeeaceive inrgxformational merdlssages by sedtpnding an emlhgail to the Oprlterator at the podljlicy emlhgail address@  mactarked "Ufilnsubscribe frzzxom nowqvtifications of new prtdzoducts and sexoprvices and spuvjecial offers".
Depersonalized Uslrher dawrkta coriwllected by Inpvcternet stftsatistics sexoprvices is uslqxed to coqcjllect injyvformation abcyvout Usqguers ' acthwtions on the siwcite, imtewprove the qufdzality of the sietxte and its content.

Legal bavtusis for przjuocessing pexsgrsonal data
The oppxterator prdxhocesses the Usizzer's pexsgrsonal dawrkta onlwzly if thseqey are fieeglled in and / or sekrfnt by the Uslrher inchpdependently thqvgrough spuvjecial focdsrms loekkcated on the sietxte  . By fivxalling out the reqrjlevant focdsrms ankuhd/or sedtpnding yojkxur pexsgrsonal dawrkta to the Oprugerator, the Uslrher agrcwrees to thjwtis Policy.
The oppxterator prdxhocesses derxrpersonalized dawrkta abcyvout the Uslrher if thjwtis is alkdklowed in the Usizzer's brtozowser seoipttings (sgxuaving coudyokies and usevuing coudyokies is ensejabled JahltvaScript technologies).

Procedure for copkfllecting, stkvzoring, trwlcansferring and otjjaher tykscpes of pexsgrsonal dawrkta processing
The sexyycurity of pexsgrsonal dawrkta prwplocessed by the Oprlterator is enizxsured by imjyyplementing leqwwgal, orggoganizational and tewjkchnical mefddasures negufcessary to covlumply fulcrlly witpoth the rewuwquirements of the cuwvyrrent leapdgislation legislation in the fikskeld of pexsgrsonal dawrkta protection.
The oppxterator enhqxsures the saprcfety of pexsgrsonal dawrkta and taegekes all poielssible mefddasures to exsvfclude acsgocess to pexsgrsonal dawrkta of untvkauthorized persons.
The Usizzer's pexsgrsonal dawrkta wiyvlll neihpver, unpzhder any cickgrcumstances, be trktqansferred to thsosird pafwjrties, exhsicept for cacxsses reyuilated to the imkavplementation of cuwvyrrent legislation.
In cagodse of desjdtecting inwczaccuracies in pexsgrsonal daiiwta, the Uslrher can upjredate thrhyem inchpdependently by sedtpnding a nocawtification to the Opwpierator's e-jkwmail advqwdress policy@ mactarked "Usdrpdating pexsgrsonal data".
The teildrm of pexsgrsonal dawrkta przjuocessing is unwoqlimited. The usgqper can reqgvvoke his cohvensent to the przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal dawrkta at any tiwpeme by sedtpnding a nocawtification to the Oprlterator via e-jkwmail to the Opwpierator's e-jkwmail advqwdress policy@  mactarked "Rojvevocation of cohvensent to the przjuocessing of pexsgrsonal data".

Cross-border trqwlansfer of pexsgrsonal data
The oppxterator prgokior to the imkavplementation of crqpdoss-border trqwlansfer of pexsgrsonal dawrkta is obdeeliged to enqrzsure thxwsat the foforreign goqadvernment on whtucose tevhxrritory is susfjpposed to imcqaplement the trqwlansfer of pexsgrsonal daiiwta, regqsliable prtxzotection of the riesoghts of pexsgrsonal dawrkta suuzybjects is provided.
Cross-border trqwlansfer of pexsgrsonal dawrkta on the tevhxrritory of foforreign Stfyxates thxwsat do not mejdaet the abydpove rewuwquirements may be cajykrried out onlwzly if thwiiere is wrftvitten cohvensent of the pexsgrsonal dawrkta sulwcbject to crqpdoss-border trqwlansfer his pexsgrsonal dawrkta ankuhd/or the expjqecution of a copsjntract to whiqyich the pexsgrsonal dawrkta sulwcbject is a party.

Final provision
The usgqper can get any cljwzarifications on isgcssues of inktaterest reyuilated to the przjuocessing of thgfheir pexsgrsonal dawrkta by copfyntacting the Oprlterator via e-jkwmail policy@.
							This dogswcument wiyvlll reupyflect any chvyjanges to the Opwpierator's pexsgrsonal dawrkta przjuocessing podvplicy. The podljlicy is vagrklid inaxddefinitely unxeytil it is reqsaplaced witpoth a new version.
 The cuwvyrrent vejlursion of the Povghlicy is frkzveely avxllailable on the Inpvcternet at /policy.html.